Monthly Sustainability Roundup: January 2019


Here’s what we're reading this month:

Photo: Getty Images

"Asics to turn used clothing into Japan's Olympic uniforms" via BBC News

"It comes as the fashion industry faces increasing pressure to make more sustainable clothing."

Photo: Getty Images

"Our Love Affair with Single-Use Plastics is Over" via

"As awareness of the dangers of plastic bags continues to rise — from the threat to wildlife to the fact that they aren't biodegradable — more groups are taking actions to limit their presence."

"How 300 Years of Urbanization and Farming Transformed the Planet" via CityLab

"Humans are transforming the Earth through our carbon emissions. Arctic sea ice is shrinking, seas are rising, and the past four years have been the hottest since record-keeping began. But long before the first cars or coal plants, we were reshaping the planet’s ecosystems through humbler but no less dramatic means: pastures and plows."

"How Olive Stones Could Replace Plastic" via BBC News

"As the world begins to confront the sheer scale of toxic plastic waste, a replacement could come from an unlikely – and tasty – source."

"If you recycled the world's plastic trash, you could buy Apple" via Fast Company

"You’d be the richest person on the planet writes professor Liberty Vittert, who recently chose the staggering statistic as the International Statistic of the Year."

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