Monthly Sustainability Roundup - December 2018


Here’s what we're reading this month:

Year's Scariest Statistic: 90.5% of Plastic Not Recycled  via CBS News

"Public awareness of the problem has been growing, particularly after filmmaker David Attenborough's documentary "Blue Planet II" showed sea turtles shrouded in plastic, among other horrors."

100 Solutions to Climate Change via TED

"What if we took out more greenhouse gases than we put into the atmosphere?"

6 Glimmers of Climate Optimism for the End of a Dark Year via Fast Company

"It was a year of frightening reports on the future of our planet. But sustainability experts are still feeling optimistic about some of the strides we’ve made this year."

Deep Seagrass Bed Could Stall Climate Change, If Climate Change Doesn't Kill It First via NPR

"Amid a sea of dire climate change news, researchers say they've found a rare bright spot. A meadow of seagrass among Australia's Great Barrier Reef — estimated to be twice the size of New Jersey — is soaking up and storing carbon that would otherwise contribute to global warming."

The Allure of Vertical Forests via The New York Times

"The beauty of incorporating more trees and plant life in urban architecture is that the trees both assist in absorbing carbon dioxide and in producing more oxygen."

Big Business Wants You To Think It's Fixing The Plastic Crisis. Don't Buy It. via Huffington Post

 "Experts say the best way to tackle the world’s plastic problem is to cut way back on the creation of plastics. In reality, however, virgin plastic production is hardly slowing down. Quite the opposite. It’s booming."

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