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Make Your Plastic Not So Single Use

It’s a problem perpetuated by the people, and chances are you're one of them!  It’s filling our oceans, forests, and even our bellies, and while the world is starting to wake up to its dangers, the plastic that is already here needs to be dealt with.  No matter the form it takes, here are a few ways to get the most out of your single use plastics instead of throwing them to the landfill.

Turn your plastic water bottles and jugs into planters

They’re the perfect size to put a new plant in.  Clean the air and do something fun with your hands by cutting the top off that milk jug and sticking a new herb or houseplant in it.  The handle can even act as a hook for a hanging garden!

Crafts with the kids

Why not turn an ugly piece of plastic into a lasting memory with the youngsters in your life?  Paint, string, scissors, and some scrap fabric can transform any single use plastic into a creative endeavor and give it a new life!


They might not be the most glamorous pieces of storage, but as we’ve learned, all items look like garbage when they’re at the bottom of the ocean. Get creative with some scissors and forget your next trip the The Container Store!

Egg/Fruit carton seed starters

Germinating seeds is another fun thing to do with kids in your life.  If you’re into gardening, but not kids, forget them! Fill the twelve little egg slots with soil, pop a seed in each and wait for life to start.  Depending on what your cartons are made out of, you can transfer your sprouts and repeat!


Reusing shipping materials

Everyone gets those pesky packing peanuts, bags, and bubble wrap.  While it’s virtually impossible to reuse it all, and some peanuts are now biodegradable, save some of these packing scraps! Plastic packing bags can be reused as garbage bags and if you ever ship something to a friend, family, or Ebay buyer, you’ll wish you hadn’t canned these materials you received for free.

Reuse plastic cutlery

It’s a no brainer.  Plastic forks are included in every takeout delivery you get. Why throw away something so functional that can be reused over and over?  

Trigger spray bottles

As long as they aren’t holding toxic chemicals and can be thoroughly cleaned, consider holding onto a few of these bottles, or at least the spray components.  These bottles can come in handy for your new plants, holding homemade cleaners, and perhaps keeping your cat off the kitchen counter.

Microwave meal trays

Another great way to turn something destructive to the environment into a planter to keep the world green and healthy!  If you’re a crafter, microwave meal trays can come with many sectioned off compartments for organizing little things like beads and shells.  Don’t let a good resource go to waste!

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