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How to Wash Silk Sheets


Have you made the switch to silk bedding recently? Other than adding a feeling of luxury to your sleep routine, silk sheets are loved by many for their various health benefits. Silk reduces allergies, keeps you cool and dry all night long, improves your complexion and hair, and soothes sore skin. It's no wonder why this ultra-smooth fabric is so popular for hitting the hay. 

But how do you care for your delicate sheets so that they last for many slumbers to come? We have a handy step-by-step guide for cleaning your silk sheets the easy yet gentle way. 

When it comes to bedding, rule of thumb is to throw sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and frequently used blankets through the washer machine every two weeks to remove bacteria build-up, dead skin cells, and dust mites. The same rule applies to silk sheets. 

It is recommended to hand-wash silk sheets before your first use. You can do this by dissolving a Dropps Small Load Sensitive Skin Detergent pod in a basin of cold water. Our Sensitive Skin pods are formulated free of harsh enzymes so they are gentle enough to be used on silk and will not harden the fibers. Hand wash the silk sheets as normal and hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. 

Two weeks after first use, you can then put your silk sheets into the washer machine. Only put the bedding in with other silk items as to not irritate the silk with rougher fabrics and make sure to turn the pillowcases inside out. Consider using a mesh washing bag for the pillowcases so that they don't get caught or torn in the machine. 

Use a Dropps Sensitive Skin Detergent Pod and avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, optical brighteners so that you don't damage the fibers. Run the washer machine on a delicate cycle with a cold water temperature.

To dry your silk sheets, you can hang them to dry inside or outside, but make sure you avoid direct sunlight. If you want to put your silk sheets in the dryer, make sure you don't add any heat and don't use dryer balls or sheets. Silk repels moisture so your sheets will dry very quickly on the air setting for 15 minutes. 

And that's it! Taking care of your silk sheets is easy and worth it so that the benefits never stop.