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As the air starts to cool, and our groceries continue to lean more and more towards the pumpkin spice variety, we know we all want our coziest blankets on hand. It may have been a moment since your fleece blankets have been out of the closet, so if they’ve got a musty smell or need a quick refresh, here is how to best wash them:


When washing fleece of any kind, it’s important to use cool or cold water with a lighter amount of soap. Our Small Loads Pods can be great for this! If you wash with too much soap it may stay in the base fibers of the fabric and make your blanket feel less soft. (Heaven forbid!) It’s best to wash these items on their own or with other fleece items! Set the washing cycle on gentle to avoid knots forming on the fabric.


Air drying is the best for fleece blankets, as it allows them to air out slowly and thoroughly. However, if that isn’t an option for you, the dryer works as well! Tumble dry fleece blankets on the gentle cycle with low heat for the best result. You’ll want to remove them from the dryer as soon as they’re done to avoid wrinkling. If they seem to be too fluffy (is there such a thing?) feel free to lay them on a flat surface and press them down with your hands to compress.

It’s as simple as that! Most fleece is made of polyester, which is a type of plastic, so the most important thing is to avoid high heat. Don’t iron this fabric, and keep away from furnaces or fireplaces! (Get cozy just a few feet away.) Now that your blankets are refreshed and fluffed, we hope you enjoy a wonderful fall full of warm drinks and classic movies. Come back for another How-To post next week! 


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