How to Wash & Care For Your Swimwear

The chlorine-heavy bathing suit smell (especially after a dip in the pool!) taints the summer air. Here are a few quick steps to properly cleaning a bathing suit!

  1. Immediately after use give the bathing suit a rinse with fresh water! This may be the most important step to prevent the suit from maintaining a tart smell. Using a hose, sink or even jumping right into a shower with the suit on is a great way to rinse off any salt water, sweat or chlorine.
  2. Wash the bathing suit by hand (do not machine wash!). Washing machines can damage the fabric and causes colors to leak. The best practice is to wash the suit by hand.
  3. Hand wash with a mild soap like Dropps Hand/Machine Wash Mini Laundry Pods, harsh detergents will leak color and degrade spandex materials.
  4. Dry! Let the suit rest indoors or in the shade, letting it dry in the sun may cause the colors to fade. Use a blow dryer if in a hurry!

    Do not dry in a machine - the high heat and excessive tumbling will morph the spandex material!

    Do not wring out to dry! Acting on this temptation will stretch the swim suit material.


Washing a bathing suit properly will preserve its color, maintain its shape and allow the piece to last all summer and longer in great condition!