How to Safety-Proof Your Household Cleaning Supplies Collection

When it comes to household safety, making sure your cleaning supplies are out of reach for the little ones should definitely be a top priority. Everyone knows the basics -- storing up high in closed cabinets, using cabinet-locking kits around crawling babies, teaching the kiddos about what those ominous warning labels really mean -- but there are also some other, creative ways to make sure your mini-mes steer clear of the stuff that could make them sick under your sink.

Using a hanging bucket to store them out of reach.

Shower caddie-style storage isn’t just for the tub. Using an over-the-door storage bucket in your cleaning storage room will help keep your chemicals out of reach and nicely organized. Win-win!

Organize them with a shoe rack behind a door that closes (and preferably locks).

Those casual hanging shoe dividers have more potential than you might expect. Not only can they be used for cosmetic and hair-styling tool storage, but they can also easily be turned into handy cleaning bottle and tools storage, which, again, is just as visually rewarding as it is practical.

Switch the liquids from the bright inviting storage containers they might come into containers with vacuum-sealable lids.

A lot of cleaning supplies are sold with bright, inviting designs splashed all over themselves as a bit eye-grabbing effort, so if you can spare the time and energy that it’d take to re-house them in bottles with duller colors, that could go a long way in making the babes less interested in what’s sloshing around within them.

Use an ordinary curtain rod to create a hanging space for spray bottles.

A tension rod has a lot of potential to create hanging space where it wouldn’t ordinarily exist. Depending on the side of your laundry room or cleaning product storage area, you might be able to find one that extends from one wall to the next and creates a new overhead hanging area that you can use to store spray bottles that can nestle above them.

Store Dropps and dish tablets in a higher cabinet which can’t be reached by curious fingers.

The kitchen sink has historically always been a regular go-to for these kind of goods, but if you can at all avoid putting these concentrated formulas this or other low storage spots, do it. Keep cabinets secure with safety locks. 

Use a kitchen rug and pretend time to designate a no-no area surrounding your storage area.

This might not work with every kid, but it’s worth a shot! Use a rug to surround the area you’re keeping your supplies and designate that as a step-free zone to keep ‘em at bay.

When they learn to play helper, don’t introduce them to spray bottles as part of the routine.

It’s always great to show the sweeties how to sweep and wipe up their messes and put away their plates after yummy time, but one thing that probably shouldn’t make it into this early play training round is a spray bottle. There’s a chance they might not be able to distinguish their own, just-for-fun cleaning bottle from the ones you’re using, and it might cause them to go that extra mile to try and get ahold of your cleaners, too.