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How to Remove Chocolate Stains with Michel et Augustin

We teamed up with our favorite cookie company, Michel et Augustin, to put our detergent to the test against the most delicious of stains: chocolate! 

Back in 2004, Michel et Augustin said au revoir to their business suits and set out on an adventure in Paris. These two old friends were on a mission: to make the best cookies they'd ever tasted using simple, quality ingredients. 

Here we go:

1. Let's bake some cookies! 

 michel et augustin apron

2. Oh no! An oopsies in the kitchen resulted in a chocolate stain on the apron.

chocolate stain

3. Remove the excess chocolate with a spoon. Make sure you do it carefully so you don't rub the chocolate further into the fabric or spread the chocolate to make a larger stain. 

remove chocolate stain with a spoon

4. Remove the chocolate with a dull knife. Using the back of the knife protects the fibers from any serration in the knife blade. 

remove chocolate stain with back of a dull knife

5. Get your favorite laundry detergent ready to go. (Dropps of course!)

remove chocolate stains with detergent

6. Place the chocolate stained item in your washing machine and add one Dropps laundry detergent pod to the washing machine drum. Wash using the hottest wash temperature indicated on the item's fabric care label. We used a warm wash cycle for this apron. 

chocolate stain detergent pod

7. Ta da! Not a chocolate stain in site! 

chocolate stain removed

Thanks to our brand partner, Michel et Augustin, for putting Dropps to the test against chocolate stains! Visit them online at to purchase or use their online store locator, and on Instagram at @micheletaugustin_us

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