How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint This Black Friday


Every year Black Friday just gets bigger and bigger. The sales, deals, and promotions start earlier and last for longer, which can be super tempting for your credit card. If you're reading this, it's likely you're concerned about the environmental impact of Black Friday and holiday sales. According to Finder, Americans plan to spend $148.5 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this season, which is up $285 million compared to statistics from 2019. With the COVID-19 pandemic and many people taking precautions to stay at home to avoid large crowds, more of this spending will be done online. This significant increase means there will also be an increase in the environmental impact of this sale period. From carbon footprint and fuel emissions due to shipping to the usage of unnecessary plastic packaging to the poor recycling of waste, there are many things to think about before placing your orders this holiday shopping season. 

We're here with a few easy tips you can implement this holiday shopping season to make sure you're still going green while you check things off your gift list. 

1. Avoid same day delivery.

It may be tempting to select same day delivery to ensure your gifts arrive in time for the holidays but rush shipping releases more CO2 emissions. That's why Dropps doesn't offer expedited shipping options at checkout. 

2. Bulk shop. 

Purchase multiple items from the same retailer to make sure you're shopping at a small number of stores. This will reduce the amount of transportation needed to get your packages to you. 

3. Shop domestically. 

Do your research on the stores you're placing orders from before you checkout. Are the warehouses located internationally? If the answer is yes, consider shopping elsewhere as shipping an item internationally means more transportation emissions due to a longer journey that usually requires air travel. 

4. Think twice before you upgrade. 

When it comes to gadgets like smartphones and televisions, new models are released every year. But if your devices are working just fine, think twice about making the upgrade to the newer and shinier version. Most upgrades don't include major changes or improvements, so waiting until you actually need a replacement will cut back on fuel emissions and resources. 

5. Shop at places with carbon offset programs. 

Carbon offsets enable organizations like Dropps to reduce our environmental impact by supporting projects that are actively working to reduce, absorb or prevent carbon and other emissions from entering the atmosphere. You can learn more about how we offer a more sustainable shipping method here

6. Reduce your waste. 

Once your orders arrive on your door step, make sure you're discarding of the packaging and your old items properly. That means re-using, recycling, and composting packaging appropriately depending on its material. When it comes to old devices, find a program that help consumers properly dispose of electronics to avoid emitting toxic material into the environment. For everything else included old clothing, furniture, and other miscellaneous items, look into donating them to a local thrift shop or charity organization.