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How to Hand Wash Dishes (the Eco-Friendly Way!)


Hello Droppers! We’re here today with a new How-To to help you make your dish washing more green! According to Gregory Keoleian, Ph.D., professor of sustainable systems at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, it takes quite a bit of energy just to heat water, so washing the dishes can rapidly increase your individual carbon footprint if you aren’t careful! Whether you’re hand washing or using a dishwasher, we’ve got some tips to help.


Skip the Pre-Rinse

When using a dishwasher, minimize the impact by skipping the pre-load rinse and turning off the heated-dry setting. Together, these strategies can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 14 percent. Use an eco-friendly dish detergent (check ours out here!)


Let It Soak

When washing by hand, fill up the sink with warm water and let your dishes soak for a bit before washing. This eliminates the need for a long running stream of water when washing, and will preserve your brushes as well if they aren’t scrubbing as hard on the surface.


Wash Up (Starting with Your Least Dirty Dishes)

After a soak, wash the dishes in the warm soapy water. Did you know our Dishwasher Pods can be dissolved in hot water to wash your dishes by hand? We recommend wearing gloves for this method, but it works like a charm!

Wash your least dirty dishes first, ending with the greasier pots and pans, that way you don’t have to keep refreshing the water. The second side of the sink can be filled with cold water for rinsing. Some folks will add one cup of white vinegar which helps sanitize them.


Consider Your Cleaning Accessories

Looking for eco friendly brush options? Look for dish-washing brushes made from sustainably-harvested wood, and the bristles from plants. Make sure the dish-washing brush you use can be composted at the end of its life. A Swedish Dish Cloth is a great tool that can be used for washing and drying. Whatever you choose, use it well so it lasts! Happy washing!