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Show Mother Earth some love this Valentine's Day by going low waste. Here are our top 5 ways: 

1. Cards: Americans send 145 million Valentine's Day cards each year! Skip a store bought card, especially ones made with glitter and foil, and DIY it. Use recyclable paper, or look for plantable paper that turns into wildflowers in the spring. 

2. Flowers: For cut flowers, visit your local flower shop to see what's in season. Skip the plastic wrapping and ask them to wrap in kraft paper, or skip packaging entirely. You can also select a potted plant so it lives longer than cut flowers in your home. Simply wrap a ribbon around the pot for a pretty presentation. 

3. Chocolate: Choose fair trade and organic chocolate brands for Valentine's Day that are ethically sourced and produced but still delicious. 

4. Other Treats: Whip up a homemade treat - cookies, cakes, brownies - in your own kitchen. Not into cooking? Visit the bulk section of your local grocery store to fill a mason jar with candy for your sweetheart. 

5. Jewelry: A lot of jewelry on the market isn't exactly eco-friendly or ethically made. Consider buying second hand - you might just find the perfect gem at your local thrift shop! Or check out online sources like Poshmark, and the Real Real. 

What are your ideas? Leave them in the comments below! 


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