Here's how to care for athletic clothes

Athleisure wear has become a staple of modern fashion because it's both comfortable and practical for everyday use. However, the materials in certain exercise gear can get pretty dingy and odoriffic after a hard workout, which makes the prospect of hanging out in your gym gear after the fact seem impossible. But with Dropps Odor Defense Spray, it's not.

Wicking fabrics are made up of tiny tubes that can lift moisture from your body to the surface to keep your body dry … and in the process, this can cause an unpleasant smell when intense sweat is involved. That water-repellant process might be great for keep your body aerated on the treadmill, but it's murder on the olfactory senses after the fact.

Gym clothes in great hands with our Dropps pac detergent and fabric softening systems which won't clog up the aeration system that makes gym wear so comfy, and for those extra-smelly items, here are a few common sense care options to get the stink out of your gym clothes.

Soaking them in vinegar -- Much like you might pre-rinse a filthy dish after dinner, soaking your gym clothes in some simple vinegar and cold water can help to lift some of that built-in dinge before the spin cycle begins.

Let 'em sun soak -- Mother Nature knows best, and when it comes to odor elimination, sometimes a little light can do the trick. For those extra-smelly items, let them have a few hours sun bath before loading them up with the rest of your laundry and see if that doesn't do the trick the old-fashioned way. When in doubt, air it out.

Mr. Freeze -- It might sound like an old wive's tale, but when it comes to dirty laundry, the freezer can be your friend. The subzero temperatures can help eliminate some of those offensive smells before your item goes into the wash.

Inside-out -- Another trick to keeping your gym gear in tip-top shape is to turn your items inside-out before placing them in the washing machine. After all, that's the part that's in direct contact with your body when it's producing your natural odors.

Dropps Odor Defense Spray eliminates odors with our plant-based ingredient formulas to keep your clothes smelling fresh and free of harsh chemicals that might be contained in other perfumed products. So, if you're in a rush to get from the gym to an important meeting or dinner date, this line can make the difference to helping your fabrics stay inoffensive to yourself and others.