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Remember the good old days of fresh sheets blowing like friendly ghosts in the backyard?  The ways we take care of our laundry can have a huge effect on our electricity bill, carbon footprint, and even mental health. Today we’re breaking down the top 10 reasons you might want to switch to hang drying your laundry this summer (and beyond)!

1. Electricity

All that heat and motion in your dryer takes a whole lot of electricity, and your washing machine already used so much to get your clothes clean.  Keep the kilowatt usage at a minimum by going old fashioned with line drying!


2. Exercise

It may seem small, but any activity that gets you moving is a healthy one in our books.  Hanging your clothes to dry works the arms and depending on how many loads you’re washing a day, could be the perfect way to keep your fitbit satisfied with steps!


3. Save money

It goes hand in hand with reducing electricity; using less of it means your utilities bill will go down too!  The average family can save around $200 a year by switching to line drying.

4. Odor Removal

Nothing kicks any left over odor out of fabrics like some time with the open air blowing through them.


5. Prevent fire risk

Did you know dryers cause over 15,000 fires in the United States alone?  Pin your clothes up on the line and don’t worry about babysitting your appliances when you have things to get done!


6. Gentle on clothing

The battering your clothes take from the heat and comotion inside a dryer could be considered abuse, and on certain fabrics can even cause irreversible damage.  Help your laundry last longer by skipping the hot tumbling!


7. Kick another appliance to the curb

Not only do you get to retire your dryer when you hang your clothes instead, finding a way to line dry indoors in the winter will help humidify the harsh dry air that comes with the season and keep another appliance in off mode!  


8. Reduce pollution

Choosing line drying over your dryer can reduce your carbon footprint by around 2,400 lbs annually!


9. Natural effects of the sun

Did you know the sun is a natural disinfectant?  Why use chemicals when the solution is sitting in the sky, and free!?


10. Mental health

The difference between doing laundry indoors as opposed to outdoors can be profound for some.  Taking care of a small chore like hanging your clothes up to dry can be meditative, mind clearing, and an overall relaxing experience.  Fresh air and sun have the potential to change your mindset for the better, and accomplishing a task will make that good feeling even better!

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