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Community Spotlight: Jay Prezi

As the inventors of the laundry pod we're all about creating new categories. So with the biggest night in music fast approaching, we're entering the music biz by creating a new award for "Best Laundry Song".

We have met some amazing musicians from the Dropps community who have agreed to compete for this award. 

Our second nominee: Jay Prezi!


Jay Prezi is an American rapper born and raised in Harlem, New York.

Please tell us about yourself!

I'm a rapper.

What's your favorite song of all time? Who is your favorite artist of all time?

Jay Z is my favorite artist. My favorite song is anything by him, Ma$e, or the Diplomats.

What do you love about what you do?

I love rapping because it's the purest form of self expression and I get to truly give myself to the people through my lyrics

Where are you from? 



What's your favorite Jay Prezi song?

I really love all the songs I’ve created they all say something about me during a different moment, and I really can’t pick.


Love the song? Think it should win a Grammy? Share it via SoundCloud!


What is your favorite Dropps product?

Sensitive Skin because I care about the products I put on my face and skin and I always want to make sure that I’m that I’m taking care of myself.

Do you have any dirty laundry secret  or cleaning or stain removal tips?

To make sure my laundry’s extra clean, I use the Dropps oxi booster pods along with my favorite Dropps detergent pods. Its especially helpful after a long night of preforming and I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about how I’m gonna clean my clothes. Dropps gets the job done.

What is your favorite piece of clothing, and why?

I don’t have a favorite particular clothing, but I love Ksubi jeans, they’re the best fitting.

Describe your favorite place.

Harlem. I traveled around the country after college and I had to come back home. Harlem will always be home to me, theres no place like it, the culture, the people, it’s just different.

At Dropps, we believe in making sustainability and powerful cleaning accessible to all. What other sustainable practices do you implement in your day to day life?

I live in Harlem, so I like supporting the local food community and making sure that small businesses can truly succeed. I go out of my way to research the companies I do business with and try to make sure that I only support ones that incorporate sustainable practices. I also make sure to recycle as much as possible.

Ready to vote for your top pick in our "Best Laundry Song" category? 

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