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Community Spotlight: Honey Larochelle


Honey Larochelle is a Canadian born singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and vocal producer based in Hollywood, CA.

As the inventors of the laundry pod we're all about creating new categories. So with the biggest night in music fast approaching, we're entering the music biz by creating a new award for "Best Laundry Song".

We have met some amazing musicians from the Dropps community who have agreed to compete for this award. 

Our third nominee: Honey Larochelle!


Honey Larochelle is a Canadian born singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and vocal producer based in Hollywood, CA.

Please tell us about yourself!

I’m a soul, r&b, and jazz singer, a songwriter and a vocal producer. I’m also the CEO of a brand new eco friendly company, We specialize in designer pyrex glass straws.

What's your favorite song of all time? Who is your favorite artist of all time?

Well that’s hard to say. I toured with Roberta Flack for 10 years and many of her songs are up there at the top. Feel like making love, killing me softly etc. but there are so many artists I adore. D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Alabama favorite artists out now are Hiatus Kaiyote and Anderson Paak.

What do you love about what you do?

I get to see the world and visit so many amazing places and learn other languages and cultures through music. I love watching people feel the delight that music provides. Every where in the world music has that same effect. Touring has also helped me see how dire the pollution situation is and that’s what caused me to develop a passion around eliminating single use plastics and raising awareness around reducing waste, which is how SeaSavers was born.

Where are you from? 

Vancouver born, Texas raised, Florida reformed and Brooklyn saved. I’m a green card holder living the American dream but I’m a Canadian girl through and through. ✊🏽🙋🏽‍♀️

Do you have any pets?

Yes! The cutest little munchkin called Fonzi. 🐕 He’s half chihuahua and half shiba inu. 


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What is your favorite Dropps product?

So far I have only tried the Dropps detergent and I love them! But I’m REALLY excited to start using the wool balls. Since I started on this plastic reduction journey, I learned that SO MANY of my daily practices were causing fatal damage. Including my Bounce sheets! I used to put 3-5 in each load! This things are made with plastic! So they are out! But my laundry has never been the same. Dropps wool balls to the rescue!  I’m working hard to become zero waste and I have tons of essential oils I wanna try with them!



At Dropps, we believe in making sustainability and powerful cleaning accessible to all. What other sustainable practices do you implement in your day to day life?

Oh I reuse all my ziplock bags. I still have bags from 5 years ago! I use mostly vinegar and lemon for cleaning and I just got a bunch of wax fabric to replace plastic wrap. And of course I ALWAYS have at least one SeaSavers Straw with me at all times. Last night I brought my #shorty to the club and all my water and cocktails were sipped in style 👌🏽🍹

We love discovering new zero waste products and life hacks. Have you made any other swaps? 

Yep I switched to a metal razor and bar soaps for my body and shampoo. I haven’t yet figured out how to eliminate my hair conditioner bottles but I’m seeking an answer! 💪🏽

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