Cleaning Your Shower Curtain for the Holidays


Because a clean shower liner is something to celebrate.

The holiday season is here! It’s time for celebrations, gathering with loved ones, and of course, hosting guests. Nothing quite prompts a deep-clean of your home like expecting guests–especially those forgotten places like baseboards or the inside of your fridge. While we should all stay on top of our cleaning year round, there is one commonly overlooked place that you definitely should be cleaning regularly–your shower curtain and shower curtain liner.

It’s easy to forget about cleaning your shower curtain liner. Tucked behind your decorative shower curtain, many of us don’t think about it until we’re actually showering–and then promptly forget about it once we’re done. The result? Most of us don’t clean our shower curtain or shower curtain liner nearly as much as we should. Cleaning and replacing your shower curtain liner regularly is not only a good habit, but it makes one less thing to worry about at a busy holiday time. After all, no one wants their guests showering next to a dirty shower liner.

A Dirty Shower Liner is More Than Just an Eyesore

Here’s the naked truth–letting your shower curtain get dirty can be a major problem. Not only are dirty shower liners an eyesore, but they are full of harmful bacteria. The majority of bacteria found on a shower curtain liner are known as Gram-Negative Rods. Gram-Negative Rods are pathogenic and harmful to human health. They can cause infections such as pneumonia, peritonitis, UTIs, bloodstream and wound infections, and meningitis. Not only that, Gram-Negative Rods have seven times more colony forming units than Gram-Positive Rods, and can be resistant to drugs and antibiotics. In a 2021 study by SafeHome.Org, shower curtains had the third largest percent of Gram-Negative Rods in the bathroom, second only to the shower floor and toothbrush handle. This means that your shower curtain liner likely contains more bacteria than your toilet seat!

How Do I Keep My Shower Liner Clean?

Rather than waiting for holiday festivities to begin your last-minute, panic clean, we recommend washing your shower curtain and liner once a month. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Check out our guide for how to wash a shower curtain liner. Whether you have a plastic liner or a washable one, Dropps has you covered.

How Often Should I Replace My Shower Liner?

Even when regularly washed, shower curtain liners come in contact with a lot of bacteria. It is recommended that you replace your liner every 6 months. Want to check and see if that recommendation holds up in your home? Take the Outlines quiz to understand how often you should change your shower liner based on your specific routines and needs. This quiz is backed by research on mold and bacteria growth in the home, so you can be sure that you’re doing your home and health a favor!

Ready For A Refresh?

Are you ready to up your shower curtain liner game? Consider the Outlines Shower System! This revolutionary system will change your shower liner routine for the better, keeping your bathroom clean and your old liners out of landfills.

The Outlines Shower System consists of two parts:

  • A top part that’s reusable – “The Keep,” machine-washable and made from 100% cotton.
  • A bottom part that’s replaceable – “The Replen,” made from non-toxic PEVA plastic, easy to hang at eye level with magnets, and fully recyclable for free.

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Now that’s something to celebrate!

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