Clean Your Air at Home Naturally


Winter months mean time spent cooped up indoors with windows closed, colds abound, and a buildup of germs, dirt, and stale air.  Now that the sun is out, it’s time to get the air in your home back to its breathable state. Here are some tips to breathing deep and cleaning the air in your home naturally!


1. Open your windows: It might seem like the most obvious thing to do, and you’re probably already doing it; to get the air circulating in your home again, crack a window and let mother nature blow through your living spaces. 

2. Groom your pets: Pet dander and hair can be a nightmare for those with allergies, and even those without!  Groom your fuzzy family members often and clean up the remnants to prevent a buildup of the not so cute stuff their adorable bodies let off.

3. Air purifier: When the windows do need to be kept closed, an air purifier is a great way to eliminate allergens and pollutants in your home.

4. Take your shoes off: The things we walk through and step on throughout the day have no place on the home.  Keep from tracking dirt and germs by taking your shoes off at the door, or leaving them in a foyer if you have one!

5. Salt lamps: Salt lamps pull moisture from the air, which reduces the pathogens that thrive in damp environments.  And worry not about the electricity usage; salt lamps work when turned off as well!

6. Beeswax candles: Certain candles, such as those made of parafin, release soot, benzene, and toluene into the air.  Beeswax candles ionize the air and neutralize toxins like dust, all while burning more slowly than your standard candle!

7. Air purifiers: While most home air purifiers are only able to remove larger particles such as dust and pollen, sometimes that’s what matters most, especially to those with allergies.  There are purifiers in all price ranges that can cover spaces big and small, so it is as versatile as our other suggestions!

8. Cooking oils: Did you know cooking oils differ in thir smoking points?  Using a cooking oil with a higher smoke point can reduce the chance of both a smoke filled kitchen (and house) and the lingering odor of burnt oil.  Don’t cook with extra virgin olive oil, as it has a low cook point. Instead try options like avocado, peanut, or safflower oil, which have higher smoke points!

9. Essential oils: Certain essential oils have the capacity to eliminate mold, bacteria, and viruses from the air.  Theive’s oil has been proven to kill 99.96% of airborne bacterias. Be aware of the warnings against diffusing essential oils with young ones, as there are studies pointing to their negative effects in children under 5.

10. Carpeting: It holds in moisture, dirt, germs, and doesn’t let them go until you starting kicking them up into the air with your feet.  Vaccum and clean as much as possible! If you’re looking to make a renovation to your home and have carpets, consider making that your first change.  Your lungs will thank you later!