Laundry 101: Bio vs. Non-Bio


The laundry biz can seem overwhelming: Fibers, and enzymes, and stains—oh my!

But luckily, we here at Dropps would like to fill you in on an interesting tidbit that has been well-known by our staff for years. If you’ve ever noticed a “Biological” or “Non-Biological” label on your laundry detergent, consider yourself ahead of the curve.

Seen most commonly in the UK, the difference between “Bio” and “Non-Bio” labeled detergents is indicative of a basic, fundamental question for laundry-goers: What is my laundry detergents purpose?

Some of you might say, “To remove stains, of course!” Others might have a different perspective and answer, “To freshen my clothes when I so desire!” The truth is, both claims are valid and accurately depict the main difference between “Bio” and “Non-Bio” detergents—but what are the details? What are the ingredients? What are the impacts?

If you’re a consumer who bases their purchases on reviews from publications like Consumer Reports, remember to consider the variable factors. To date, many publications base reviews solely on stain fighting abilities; they don’t account for the affects of those products if used continuously, nor do they mention what the alternative can provide.

Let’s take a step back and offer some food for thought.

In the most basic of explanations, biological detergents are those containing enzymes, used for stain fighting purposes. Intended to break down protein, starches and fat in strong, common stains such as food, sweat and mud, “bio” detergents have the ability to operate effectively in lower temperatures in comparison to non-bio detergents. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Perhaps it’s important to consider the affects of using enzymes—which can break down cloth fibers and cause adverse reactions for individuals with sensitive skin.

So what’s the alternative?  

What most consumers should consider, is balancing the use of biological detergents with non-biological detergents. Think about it: Does everyday laundry need a stain fighter?

Non-biological detergents are gentle on fibers and kinder to the skin. A helpful solution to the allergy-prone, “non-bio” detergents freshen clothes without any additives that may unnecessarily compromise the quality of your garments.

The next time you’re ready to toss a load in, choose wisely!

As proud supporters of the laundry-sphere, we here at Dropps urge consumers to be knowledgeable about which products they choose to bring into their homes, because one thing is certain: There will be no shortage of options!

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