How to Beat Dry, Winter Skin

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Brr!! Winter is officially here, which means picturesque snowfalls, yummy holiday meals, and unfortunately, the dreaded dry, itchy, winter skin. Those freezing temperatures and low humidity cause our skin to dry out—and unfortunately, indoor heating only worsens the problem! Soon enough, your hands are cracked, your poor cheeks are perpetually red, and your arms and legs are just so darn itchy—yuck! Don’t worry; we have a few helpful hints to keep your skin feeling soft and nourished all season.


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Nothing is worse than chapped lips and dry, scaly skin. Use an exfoliator and facial scrub to slough off dead skin cells and pump some life back into a dull complexion. This homemade honey and sugar scrub is amazing for giving your face that gorgeous glow, and you get so many hydrating benefits from the honey! For supple lips, try a gentle sugar scrub like this one! You can use a body scrub in the shower to get rid of any dead skin and ensure a smooth canvas before moisturizing. We love this simple DIY version by A Delightful Home!


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According to Reader’s Digest, it’s best to moisturize within 3 minutes of leaving the shower to trap the most moisture in the upper layers of your skin. Try switching to a heavier lotion (we love this Curél one!) or even a luxurious coconut oil during the winter time for long-lasting replenishment.

Know which ingredients to avoid in your favorite lip balms: according to dermatologist Gary Slaughter, camphor, phenol, menthol, OL, and salicylic acid are big no-no’s when it comes to moisturizing chapsticks. These ingredients can cause irritation, making it hard for chapped lips to heal, and can even further dry out your lips.

Go Fragrance-Free

Fragrances can irritate sensitive skin, but especially during the dry, winter months can cause dry skin to become inflamed, itchy, and even develop rashes. Try switching to fragrance-free products, not only in your skin care routine, but on your laundry as well. Dropps Scent + Dye Free Laundry Detergent Pacs are perfect for your favorite winter clothes, bedding, and towels and will keep your skin soft and happy all season.


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Just because you don’t feel the sun’s heat doesn’t mean your skin doesn’t feel its effects. Actually, your skin is sometimes more susceptible to the sun’s rays during the winter; according to the EPA, snow and ice can reflect up to 80% of UV rays! Always protect your skin with an SPF before leaving the house, no matter what time of the year. 

Don’t Overheat

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Your winter skin’s worst enemy is actually the drying heat. Harsh heat not only racks up the bill each month, but it strips your skin of its natural moisture. Lower the thermostat this winter, and consider getting a portable humidifier to pump some moisture back into the air—and your skin! In addition, avoiding those hot showers can help keep your skin happy too; instead, opt for a warm shower, and don’t forget to moisturize right after! Your skin (and your wallet) will definitely thank you.