7 Ways To Make Your Laundry Room The Most Stylish Place In The House

When it comes to the average home, laundry rooms don’t always get a lot of love on the style front, but that doesn’t have to be true in your own abode. In fact, it might just make your weekly sort-wash-dry-fold-put away routine that much more pleasant to have a spiffy space to work in, so here are some budget-friendly ways to make that happen.

1. Spruce up the change jar

Loose change is a real problem for a lot of laundry-doers. Someone slips a few coins into their pockets and forgets about them, and then there you are fishing them out while already elbow-deep in ironing out pants, so you throw them to the side or, if you’re extra fancy, into the loose change bucket you’ve wisely orchestrated for the laundry room. Why not have some fun with the concept and snazz up a little jar to collect all that money in as a reward for yourself. Finders keepers, right?

2. Make some "lost sock" wall art

Another common item of laundry room miscellany is the lone sock that’s somehow lost its match. The DIY crowd has already come up with the brilliant idea of turning those lone sole-diers into art by creating a little board with wire, wood, a few clothespins and a little word art action, and with that, suddenly that abandoned sock has an adorable new purpose in your house and has a better chance of finding its match at that. 

3. Shelving and organization

The value of organization cannot be stressed enough when it comes to stowing your cleaning goods. Not only does a good shelving system help ensure that your chemicals are kept safely out of curious little hands (and, more importantly, mouths), but it’s also aesthetically pleasing to see these things have a place and be in them. Wicker baskets on open shelves are always appropriate for this purpose because they have that fresh, clean zest that just fits in with the very idea of clean clothes.

4. Choose vintage decor

As with any room of the house, a few key pieces of decor should definitely make way into your laundry room. Even if you’ve got a contemporary persuasion running throughout the rest of the house, there’s something very timeless about the laundry game that makes a vintage approach to those extra pieces pop. Even if you’ve got the newest tech in-house for your laundry machinery, opting for a crisp neutral color palette will help brighten and soften the room, too.

5. Elevate your hamper game

Ditch the plain old plastic bins and amp things up with some more fashionable baskets to store your dirty clothes piles in. Chances are, they’ll be sturdier and better looking.

6. Don’t be afraid to throw a rug into the mix

Floor rugs might not seem like must-haves for the laundry room, but linoleum and tile tend to give off an air of sterility and perhaps even discomfort. It could make the difference between the room being cold and cozy.

7. Keep it clean

Laundry can be filthy business, and yet our laundry rooms are often the last place we’d put on a chore list. Why? Well, they’re the place that things get clean, not the place that needs to be cleaned. Eventually, though, lint and gunk and dust will collect there just as much as any other room in the house, so giving it the weekly once-over will do wonders to make it a more inviting place to spend time -- and we all know you’ll be spending a lot of that in there.