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7 ways Dropps will help reduce your carbon footprint

Signing up for Dropps' monthly detergent pac subscription plan might seem like a simple step that will provide you with a convenient and cost-effective supply for your monthly laundry needs, and that's true. But there's another, arguably even more important reason why opting for Dropps is a great call for the eco-conscious among us. You'll also be reducing your carbon footprint in a multitude of different ways.

Less plastic is fantastic: By using our Dropps detergent pacs technology for your laundry needs, you'll be taking one more piece of plastic out of your monthly rotation. Dropps pacs are completely biodegradable and produce no harmful residue to linger in the cycled water, either.

Recyclable delivery box: Dropps deliveries come in a 100 percent recyclable cardboard container that be composted, reused or repurposed by your local facility. So, not only are the pacs themselves keeping waste to a minimum, but even the delivery process is green as can be. Speaking of which …

Cutting out the middleman: Much the same way the farm to table trend is quickly becoming the most delicious and environmentally-friendly option for mealtimes, Dropps' direct-to-door delivery service cuts out the massive expense and energy that goes into transporting and shelving other products to retailers. If only every cleaning service could help take a few of those gas-guzzling semi trucks off the highways.

Water usage regulation: Extra suds does not equate to extra cleanliness, and in actuality, putting too much detergent in a given load can clog up the stain-lifting process, meaning a load might have to be run twice to get the full cleaning effect, thus doubling up the water waste. With Dropps, you can rest easy knowing that you've got just the right amount of cleaning agents all bundled up into one convenient pouch with every load.

Eco-friendly ingredients: Dropps pacs are made from 100 percent biodegradable materials, which means that you don't have to worry about toxic residues running off into the water supply after you run your loads, like with some other brands.

No animal testing: Cruelty-free creation is part of what makes Dropps a friend to nature, so whereas other household products may have relied on our furry friends to create their chemical concoctions, no animals have been subjected to testing.

Saving you a trip to the store: How many times have you rushed to the nearest convenience store and paid a premium price for detergent when the plastic well started to run dry? No more, with Dropps subscription service. Our laundry pac plans will ensure you don't have to waste precious time, travel resources, and extra money on last-minute laundry needs with a regularly refilled supply stream.

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