Why Didn't We Think of That? 20 Simple Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest (read, messiest) rooms of the home. But by keeping your kitchen clean and well-organized, you'll spend less time searching for the items you need and more time actually cooking and eating with your family. We've rounded up a few of our favorite creative organization hacks to help you keep your kitchen in tip-top shape!


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1.  Reuse old mason jars as spice containers, pretty utensil displays, or even vases for your favorite flowers to brighten up the space!


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2.  Go green and plant your own at-home herb garden! See here for the best fresh herbs to always have on hand.


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3.  Make use of vertical space! These adorable DIY cake stands are perfect for getting things like sponges, dish soap, or extra napkins off the countertop.


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4.  Organize your refrigerator with clear bins—store your favorite food and drinks by category to help you find exactly what you need every time.


Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

5.  Stacking pots and pans has never been easier than with storage racks. No more struggling to find your favorite wok in that jumbled under-the-counter space.


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6.  Use hanging baskets for cookbooks, extra kitchen towels, knick-knacks, and more! Learn how to make your own here.


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7.  Think safety first! If you have little ones in your house, always remember to childproof, especially in the kitchen. Keep all sharp utensils and cleaning products in cabinets and drawers out of reach of little hands, and use safety locks.


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8.  Use a magazine rack for extra storage space. The size of the magazine holder is perfect for small packages like plastic wrap and tin foil.


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9.  Use a shoe organizer as an easy grab-and-go snack pouch! You can stock all of the kids’ favorites in one convenient place.


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10.  How adorable are these color-coded wooden spoons? Plus, they’ll ensure that you never have to pull each one out and guess if it’s the one you’re looking for. Visit Little Bit Funky to see the full tutorial!


Photo Credit: Tater Tots and Jello

11.  Those leftover plastic grocery bags can be reused as liners for small trash cans. Learn how to make a cute, compact container to keep under the kitchen counter for them here!


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12.  Keep a grocery list close by so you can write down the items you run out of right away. We love this DIY chalkboard version by Anderson + Grant!


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13.  Save space in tight cabinet spaces by getting rid of unnecessary packaging. In under an hour, you can de-clutter your cabinet storage for good. For the complete tutorial, see here.


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14.  Get rid of the cluttered drawers by hanging up your kitchen utensils! Blogger Megan from Not Martha has all of the tips and tricks to creating this simple solution.


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15.  More expert DIYers can try installing their own under-cabinet drawers! They give you tons of added storage space in your kitchen and look super professional! Learn how here.


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16.  Store smart: always organize your cookware and utensils by how often you use them. Stack dishes that you use regularly at the front of your cabinet space and leave those holiday-only pieces like the gravy boat toward the back.


17.  Foolproof your dishwashing routine by always placing a detergent pac into your dishwasher after you empty out each load of dishes. This way, you never have to wonder if the dishes are clean or dirty again: detergent = dirty dishes, no detergent = clean dishes!


Photo Credit: A Thousand Words

18.  Jen from A Thousand Words suggests installing a tension rod under your sink to hang your spray bottle cleaners and allow for more storage space underneath. Pretty neat!


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19.  A variety of soup is something every parent should have in their pantry arsenal for those unexpected sick days, but when the cans pile up, they sure are messy! Upcycle an old soda package into this clever soup dispenser! Amy from Then She Made… blog shows you how in this “soup”er easy tutorial.


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20.  We all know the struggle of trying to find a matching Tupperware set when they’re strewn all over the place in your cupboards. Instead, stack the containers inside of each other according to size and use an old CD rack to keep all of the lids in place and easily accessible.