Sports Gear: Tackle Laundry Day with Dropps!

Every parent of athletic kids knows just how much fun fall sports can be. But they also know how dirty all that used gear gets after a couple of practices or a big game. From yucky grass stains to stinky socks, Dropps has everything you need to knock out any set in stains and smells—those uniforms will look as good as new in just one wash!


Photo: Glisten Cleaners


For tough stains like grass or dirt, pretreat the garment with a stain-fighting (and color safe!) 4-in-1 Booster Pac! Just place the pac on top of the stain, run it under cool water until the pac has completely dissolved, and let it sit for only about 10 minutes. Rinse the fabric and, if necessary, scrub with a soft-bristled brush (a clean toothbrush will do the trick!) until the stain is no longer visible. Then wash the garment as you normally would with a chlorine-free, concentrated detergent formula.  Our detergent keeps colors vibrant wash after wash, so you never have to worry about a faded jersey again!

Traditional, liquid fabric softeners smell great, so they should help keep those nasty odors at bay, right? Nope! Most liquid versions work by coating your clothing in a waxy layer of chemicals and fragrances that initially make the fabric feel softer, but clog its fibers. This coating not only interferes with the fabric’s absorption and any moisture-wicking properties (which we all know are crucial for athletic gear), but they trap odors into your clothes longer, causing a build up of dirt, germs, and unpleasant smells. Yuck!

So when your gear has a stink that just won’t quit, try one of our Clean Scent Boosters along with your favorite detergent instead. Dropps Scent Boosters use tiny natural minerals that flow through the fibers of your clothes, keeping all of your athletic wear wickable and leaving behind a light, clean scent. Best of all? No icky residue!


Athletic gear is tough, but our concentrated formulas are even tougher. One pac and every stained, stinky uniform in your house will look and feel as good as new!


Happy Washing!