15 Fall Wardrobe Essentials (and How to Care for Them!)


Comfy sweaters are perfect for chilly, fall weather, and this one from LOFT takes the cake. Cuddling up in a cozy cardigan with a hot cup of cider? Yes, please! Wool can be tricky to wash, however, and no one wants to end up with a doll-sized sweater. Our simple 4-step washing process will help you get your favorite fall wools clean without worrying!


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Say goodbye to small summer satchels and hello to beautiful, structured handbags for fall! Click here for tips on how to care for all of your favorite bags.


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Switch things up with a versatile scarf—whether it’s poncho-style or long and draped, a blanket scarf is sure to brighten up any fall outfit. If you’re looking for a new addition to your scarf collection, Zara has a great selection!


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Wearing white after Labor Day is a total Do in our book. A crisp, collared shirt is a timeless classic that makes you look polished and put-together, no matter what time of the year. But a long, hot summer can leave your whites looking dingy and gray by autumn. To tackle any stains or discoloration in your favorite white shirts, check out our #DroppsProTips here!


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What better way to complete an outfit than with a fun, trendy jacket? Fall calls for lots and lots of layering, and just one jacket can be paired with countless different outfits to create complex, fun, and funky styles. Fashion stylist Wendy Patterson shows you how here!


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Just because the warm weather is ending doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your favorite sundresses or shorts—just put on a cool pair of tights underneath to keep you warm without sacrificing style. To help preserve your tights and prevent any rips or tears, it is best to hand wash them, inside out, with a small amount of gentle detergent, and lay flat to dry.


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Give your feet (and your pedicure!) a break from summer sandals and slip into something comfy like an adorable pair of boots! Leather, suede, or even rubber boots are sure to keep your feet warm and dry, and you looking fashionable and on-trend.


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Boyfriend jeans have that laid-back feel perfect for lazy Sunday brunches or pumpkin picking with the kids. Pair your relaxed-fit jeans with anything from a patterned tunic to a moto jacket and you’re good to go! Learn how to care for your favorite denim here to help it last a lifetime.


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Make your fall fashions pop with a sparkly statement necklace! Chunky jewelry can dress up any outfit—from a t-shirt to your favorite wool sweater. Try J.Crew Factory for some fresh styles that won’t break the bank!


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Keep warm in the chilly weather with a flannel button-down. Wear it alone or layer it with sweaters or tanks to lock in that heat. To keep your favorite flannels as soft as can be over time, skip the fabric softener when you wash as it can leave a film buildup on the fabric. But if you can’t get enough of those lovely floral scents, try a mineral-based scent booster that won’t clog your clothes’ fibers!


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Inspire your inner athlete with a new pair of kicks! Whether you’re going for a run through the park or just running errands, comfortable sneakers are a must. For #DroppsProTips on how to take care of and clean your sneakers, see here!


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A well-fitted blazer adds polish and flair to any outfit. Jeans and t-shirt? Check! Classic sheath dress? Check! Check out Nordstrom for a wide selection of beautiful blazers for every outfit!


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Soft, luxurious cashmere sweaters like this one are timeless wardrobe staples and ideal for cozying up during a chilly autumn night. But high quality threads don’t have to include pricey dry-cleaning bills—did you know that you can wash cashmere at home? See here for our 6-step process for washing your cashmere on your own.


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Furs (faux, of course) are taking off in the fashion industry this fall! And faux fur vests are an adorable and cozy take on this hot trend. Find a cool piece at your local boutique or even try this gorgeous DIY version! And to keep your faux fur looking great all season long, see our #DroppsProTips on washing, drying, and maintaining here.


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Reward (or motivate!) yourself with a new pair of workout leggings! We love the Fabletics line by Kate Hudson for stylish and comfortable workout clothing. But what do you do when you can’t rid your clothes of the not-so-pleasant gym smell? See here to find out why that happens and what you can do to eliminate any lingering odors!