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We love our XL Wool Dryer Balls. These 100% Premium New Zealand Wool balls are perfect for softening, de-wrinkling, and reducing drying time. Not only are they a useful addition to your laundry routine, they are good for up to 10,000 loads. (Wait, how many times can you reuse wool dryer balls? Yep, you read that right---they will probably outlast the life of your dryer!)

However, all good things must eventually come to an end. Curious about how to reuse wool dryer balls at the end of their drying lifecycle? Here are 5 ways to keep those dryer balls working!


Our XL Wool Dryer balls have a diameter of 3.5 inches, making it the perfect size for your dog or cat to play with, without being a choking hazard! Your pet will be thrilled at this new addition to their toy basket. (We know customers who’ve purchased brand new Wool Dryer Ball Sets just for their dogs!)


Here’s a pro dryer ball tip--add a bit of scent! If you love the smell of clean laundry, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your dryer ball to lightly scent your laundry as it dries. When your dryer balls are ready to retire, you can use this same principle! Add some essential oils and place the dryer ball in a drawer with your clothes, or artfully arrange them in a bowl in the bathroom or on your mantle. They will act as a light oil diffuser, adding just a touch of scent where needed, without being overwhelming!


Ever wanted to learn to juggle? Our dryer balls are the perfect size for juggling balls! Plus, since they come in a pack of four, you can increase the difficulty and add balls as you improve. New party trick, anyone? You can also use them as therapy balls for rolling out sore muscles!



Ready to dive into some DIY? Our dryer balls are the perfect canvas! Use a needle and thread to turn them into a garland, or make them into ornaments. Use acrylic paints to add a festive theme for your favorite holiday, or make something you can display year round. A mobile with wool “planets” would be perfect in a child’s room (and a great shout out to mother earth)!


Since your dryer balls are 100% wool, they are able to be composted. Add them to your compost so they can break down, help nourish the earth, and stay out of landfills. 

Have you used your dryer balls in an unexpected way? Let us know!

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