5 Reasons Why Dropps is Disrupting the Laundry Detergent Business

Dropps is changing the way people buy laundry detergent by offering convenient, premium eco-friendly household cleaning products delivered to your door for as low as $4 per month.

1.100% Convenient. 0% Middleman.

By manufacturing their own products and selling direct online, Dropps has eliminated all the unnecessary overhead and can deliver high value eco-friendly household cleaning products to your door at a fraction of the cost. They pass the savings straight on to their customers to offer the best products at the lowest price. With subscription wash plans starting at just $4/month (as low as $0.15 a wash load!), subscribing to a better clean has never been easier. The best part? Never lug a jug or pour heavy liquid detergent again.

Dropps No Middle Man Direct To Consumer

2. A Better, Safer Clean for You and the Environment.

Dropps' plant-based products are npe-free, chlorine-free, phosphate-free, and animal cruelty-free - so free, they’re freaking awesome. They're so gentle, Dropps' President is taking a bath in them (see video below). The super concentrated formulas are contained in a biodegradable 100% dissolvable pac that you just drop and go. And the best part? They ship direct to your home in 100% recyclable box that doubles as the product packaging. Talk about smaller footprint. 

"I have switched from my previous brand of laundry detergent to Dropps! This product works with HE washers, gentle on your clothes & safe for sensitive skin. Product does not contain any enzymes, brighteners, scents or dyes! Easy to use nothing to open, just toss in the washer & go. My clothes come out clean each & every time." - Joseph

3. Pour No More

One pre-measured pac per wash load is all you need. Dropps are right for all machines (HE high efficiency and standard), fabrics, temperatures (even energy saving cold cycles!), and colors -- you’ll get it right every time. Dropps offers a solution for every need - stain fighting, fabric care, baby, sensitive skin, and more!

Compatible with All Washers HE high efficiency and standard

4. Color Doesn't Clean, So Why Should You Pay For It?

Leading detergent brands contain 26+ ingredients, compared to Dropps' 6 ingredient formula.  Dropps removed all the unnecessary things found in normal cleaning products that irritate sensitive skin: fragrances, dyes, and protein enzymes. Other companies use coloring and other bells and whistles to sell product, but we all know that color doesn't clean.  

laundry detergent color doesnt clean

5. Saving Water, One Dropp at a Time

Dropps has removed all the things found in normal cleaning products that don’t clean, but do make a mess in your house and the environment: plastic jugs and packaging, coloring, fillers and most importantly, water. Did you know liquid laundry detergent is the most expensive bottled water you can buy? Shipped all over the country from factory to warehouse to retail - that’s what you’re paying for. 

Here's How Dropps Wash Plans Work

You're in Control

On-demand Dropps household products are delivered to your door. Pause, modify or cancel at any time. Choose from laundry detergents, scent boosters, oxi stain fighting boosters, and dish detergent.

Choose your product & plan and receive free trial 

Start with a free trial set, a $10 value, which includes a special gift. Just pay $4 US shipping.

Every Dropps counts toward future savings

Earn bonus points with every wash plan purchase. Orders ship free.


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