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5 Easy Way to Reduce Plastic in Your Daily Life, Visual Guide!

Using less plastic is a goal that many of us strive to achieve. Looking at our daily routine shows where we can scale back the most on plastic use.  

Preparation is the most effective skill to reduce the use of plastic! See how preparation - mental and material - can cut down on the use of plastic in daily life!


1. Reusable Water Bottle

Before embarking on the day’s adventure, invest in a reusable water bottle that you can take with you wherever you go. On the days that we do forget to grab our water bottle, be patient with yourself and either use a water fountain or if you must buy a plastic water bottle consider saving it and refilling it for the rest of the day or week!

Image result for water bottle vs     Image result for plastic water bottle


2. Paper Cup Coffee To Go

As summer cold brew season stretches into the fall, ask for the cold coffee in a paper cup instead of the plastic cup. And ditch the straw! Or, sit in the shop and enjoy the coffee in a mug while meditating on the upcoming day! 

Image result for blue bottle iced coffee cup   vs   Image result for starbucks iced coffee

2 ½. Straw

Who needs a straw anyways! Politely decline and skip the straw all together!

Image result for plastic straw pollution


3. Boxes instead of Bottles

When buying any soaps or detergents look for options that are stored in degradable boxes! Dropps uses unique biodegradable boxes to offset the plastic accumulated by other laundry and dish detergent companies that store their products in plastic jugs.

Image result for dropps  vs     Image result for tide pods

4. Soap Bars instead of Bottles

Body soaps and shampoos in bar form are a great option compared to those in plastic bottles.

Image result for bar of soap    vs    Image result for shampoo in a plastic bottle


4. Grocery Shopping

Notice each time buying fruits or vegetables, premade hummus or spreads, that all of the products are contained or bagged in plastic. Shopping at a Co-Op or a Farmers Market will allow you to buy the most fresh and organic products and allow you to take them home in a reusable non-plastic bag of your own.

Image result for farmers market   vs   

Bring your own reusable grocery bag instead of double bagging plastic bags!

Image result for reusable grocery bags  vs   Image result for plastic grocery bags litter


5. Take Out Food

If you’re the type of person who likes to take food home from a restaurant, consider bringing your own container with you! Typically, food is stored in plastic containers or styrofoam boxes that will ultimately be thrown away and generate more pollution.  

Image result for food containers  vs    Image result for styrofoam containers


And while you’re at it, suggest to your local restaurants to switch to degradable take away containers! 

Image result for biodegradable food containers  and  Image result for biodegradable food containers


The most potent way to transform how we use plastic is to have conversations about alternatives! Chat up local grocery store to switch to degradable plastic bags or your favorite take out restaurant to have biodegradable food containers!

Happy living!