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We're just 9 days away from Election Day and early voting is already underway in many states across the country. More people have cast their ballots in this year's election than the total number of people who voted absentee or voted early in the 2016 election (Source: APNews). Texas has gone from a low voter turn-out state to one of the nation's top early voting states (Source: The Guardian). All in all the United States is breaking voting records with a sense of high enthusiasm and commitment to casting ballots amidst the pandemic (Source: Washington Post). 

Whether you've already mailed in your absentee ballot, or you plan to get in line to vote early, or you're showing up on Election Day, all that matters is that you have a plan to vote. To help you get ready, we're clearing the air on a few voting myths so that you're ultra prepared to cast your ballot. 

Myth 1: My vote doesn't matter. 

Fact 1: One single vote can make a big difference and has done so in plenty of past elections. Every vote counts!

Myth 2: Voting by mail increases voter fraud. 

Fact 2: According to NPR, many election experts say that voter fraud is extremely rare. The secretary of state of Washington, Kim Wyman said, "We've seen a very low incidence of any kind of voter fraud."

Myth 3: Everyone has an equal opportunity to vote.

Fact 3: Many states have voter restrictions that disproportionately affect marginalized groups (here are 61 forms of voter suppression according to the Voting Rights Alliance). 

Myth 4: Only the presidential election matters.

Fact 4: State and local elections are just as important and can have a more direct impact on your daily life. Voting at the local level allows you to make decisions on climate policies, city budgets, and the criminal justice systems.

Remember every vote counts. Celebrate dropping your vote with the code VOTE for 15% off your first Dropps order! 



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