5 Ways to Organize Under the Sink

Whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room, the space under your sink can be tough to keep tidy. Limited space and water pipes that are always in the way make it nearly impossible to stay organized, but we have our best tips and tricks for you below. 




Keep small items together so they don’t get lost in the crowd. These containers are perfect for smaller items like extra sponges and dish towels or hair products and nail polish. Use washi tape or printed labels to help keep items where they belong.




Stop pulling everything out from under the sink just to get to one item all the way in the back. Use sliding organizers like these to allow for easy access to everything under your sink.



(Photo Credit: Pinterest)

Install a tension rod in the space under your sink for various spray bottles and cloths. This will leave plenty of room for trays and containers underneath.



Make the most of your space by hanging products on the back of your cabinets. You can store everything from extra garbage bags to extra sponges in these convenient hanging baskets.






Safety is a number one priority with kids and pets in the house. Take every precaution necessary to ensure that your products are safely stored without access to small children. While the top goal is to keep these products out of reach of children, we also recommend using a secure cabinet lock to keep access restricted.