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Since 2006, the Dropps® brand has redefined convenience, sustainability, and safety in the laundry category. Beginning in the 3rd Quarter 2015, Dropps liquid laundry detergent pacs will feature the addition of an aversive agent in the soluble coating of the pac film in a safe concentration which is repellent to children within several seconds.  The change in film is in response to a significant number of severe incidents of poisoning and eye damage involving young children in the United States.

Similar changes have occurred in the European Union. The new EU regulations state that beginning June 1st, 2015, all laundry capsules must be packaged in non-transparent boxes, with warnings and a child-resistant closure. They must also be insoluble for 6 seconds and contain a bitter flavor so that a child will spit out the tab. Bitrex, a well-known bittering agent which is likely to be used by some manufacturers, is considered one of the world's leading safety components for improving family safety.

Dropps continues to be the category leader in unit dose laundry innovation. With a concentrated formula, the "toss and go" patented dissolvable pacs eliminate the heavy, messy jug from the laundry routine, and significantly reduces the traditional laundry detergent environmental footprint that results from the unnecessary waste of water, plastic and energy. 



UPDATE: Since our announcement, several other U.S. makers of concentrated laundry-detergent packets have also announced that they will follow suit with the addition of an “aversive agent” to the soluble film coating on their liquid laundry detergent products. Read more here on The Wall Street Journal