The Most Expensive Bottled Water

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Among all of the current droughts across the country—specifically those in California—we’re all looking for ways to conserve. However, bottled water companies are still using millions of gallons of the state’s most scarce resource during these hard times for their own profit.


This got us thinking about how much bottled water actually costs, and how wasteful it can be. According to Business Insider, bottled water costs on average $1.22 per gallon, which is 300 times more expensive than tap water. But the most expensive type of bottled water lands at a whopping $26.88 per gallon: liquid laundry detergent. (Standard, non-concentrated detergents can be composed of nearly 60-80% water!)


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According to SmartKlean, the average American consumes about 12 150-ounce jugs of liquid detergent each year because the detergent is so diluted that the recommended amount (4 jugs per year) just doesn’t get the job done. This means they spend up to $378 on detergent—and about $283 of that is attributed to the water it contains!



In addition, National Geographic states, “Nearly 22% of indoor home water use comes from doing laundry.” By switching to a concentrated detergent formula like Dropps, not only will you save almost $250 on detergent alone*, but you'll also reduce your water footprint significantly.


*Based on an average of 350 loads of laundry per year





  • Only wash items when necessary.

Some clothing items need to be washed more frequently than others (i.e., undergarments, gym clothes, socks). But reducing the number of times you wash your clothing can actually help them to last longer, along with saving thousands of gallons of water each year. So go ahead; wear your favorite pair of jeans one more time before throwing them in the hamper.


  • Use a concentrated detergent formula.

All liquid detergents contain water to make them, well, liquid; but a traditional non-concentrated detergent contains 6 times more water than necessary. Dropps detergents take out all the extra and leave your clothes cleaner than ever.


  • Do a full load of laundry whenever possible.

Some washers are unable to sense the difference between a small load and the I’m-only-doing-laundry-because-I-ran-out-of-underwear load. Conserve by making sure your machine is only using as much water as necessary.


  • Adjust the water level to match the size of the load.

If your machine does have these settings, use them! It is generally more efficient to wash full loads, but if you do have a small pile, make sure that you adjust the water setting accordingly.


Newer machines have become much more efficient, thanks to the EPA program, ENERGY STAR. An ENERGY STAR certified washing machine uses 25% less energy and 40% less water than a standard machine—that’s over 3,000 gallons of water savings each year!


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