5 Benefits of Line Drying

There is nothing better than spending a little bit of time outdoors when the weather is warm. Take a break from the tumble dry, and enjoy the sunshine along with all of these other benefits!



(Photo Credit: TipNut)

According to Golden Valley Electric Association, just running your dryer on medium costs about $0.70/hour, and the EPA says the average American family does about 400 loads of laundry per year. That’s nearly $300 that you could be saving every year…and that doesn’t even include the cost of the appliance!



Speaking of savings, Green America states that solely by saying goodbye to your electric dryer, you can reduce your household carbon footprint by 2,400 lbs each year!



(Photo Credit: Lifestyle Clotheslines)

Want bright whites? Chlorine bleach and detergents with optical brighteners contain harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation and are harmful to the environment. Instead, try using a scent & dye free detergent that will keep your clothes and skin (and the environment!) happy and healthy. After each wash, line-dry your whites in the sunlight to get the benefits of bleach without all the harsh chemicals.



Have you ever wondered where all that lint comes from in your dryer? Each time your clothes go for a spin in the dryer, bits and pieces of the fabric slowly wear off, leaving the fibers weaker and weaker each time. Air-drying helps you get the very most out of your clothes!



    There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh air. The heat from an electric dryer can pull that nice scent right out of your laundry. Try line-drying your sheets on a beautiful summer day, and trust us—you won’t go back!