5 Tips for a Fantastic Staycation

Who said vacation has to involve long travel time, taking a week off work, and of course—$$? This year, plan a staycation and enjoy everything your own home has to offer!


  1. Unplug!

The best way to stay relaxed during any vacation is to unplug from the world. So even if that means staying home and binge-watching Netflix, turn on your out-of-office message, only answer your phone when necessary, and enjoy your staycation!

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  1. Fire Up the Grill

Nothing says vacation like a backyard barbecue! Burgers and hot dogs are a summer staple, but shish kabobs are a great finger food alternative. Plus, assembling these cute little skewers is a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen. Best part about grilling? Less clean up after!

*Bonus Tip: See here for some stain removal tips for when the food ends up on your shirt instead of in your mouth.


  1. Go Camping

Sometimes getting the wilderness experience is only as far as your own backyard. So set up your tent, pack the flashlights, pillows, and snacks (try some of these cool drink recipes for adult camping), and enjoy the outdoors!


  1. Take a Day Trip

Whether you go to the beach, a local museum, or the zoo, taking a day trip is a fun way to have a little adventure without all the travel time. Check out Fodor’s Travel for some great destinations near many major cities.


  1. Treat Yourself to the Spa

What better way to relax than a spa day? Light some aromatherapy candles (we like this one from Bath & Body Works) and unwind. Need some help setting the spa-quality mood? Try using Josie Feria’s 11 Ways to Create the Perfect Bath for maximum relaxation.