Fabric Care: Running Edition

With summer comes picnics, pool parties, and of course—perfect running weather! Running is not only a great way to stay in shape, but it's an instant mood booster! Those stinky, sweaty clothes though? Not so much. Here are our tips for keeping your running gear looking and smelling fresh all summer long!


  • High-Tech Shirts: Moisture wicking fabrics are great for that afternoon run, but bacteria can get trapped in the fibers, leaving your running clothes smelling not so nice.
    • Skip the fabric softener—it coats the clothing with a wax residue, reducing its ability to absorb moisture. Instead, try a light scent booster to keep your gear smelling fresh.

Some of our favorites are:

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  • Shoes: Running outdoors can quickly lead to dirty (and stinky!) shoes, especially during the summer months. Washing your running shoes every few months (or even just once a year, depending on the use) can help keep your running schedule on track.
    • Wipe down the outside of your shoes with a cleansing wipe to remove any loose dirt.
    • Remove the inserts if possible, and hand wash separately.
    • Machine-wash shoes on a gentle cycle with cold water and your regular detergent, and add an old towel or two to keep your shoes from bouncing around too much, which may cause them to lose their shape over time.
    • Set your shoes aside and stuff them with newspaper to absorb water from inside while they dry.

Our favorites are:

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Dropps provides products safe for all your running gear—even those tough-to-wash fabrics. Let us know on Facebook or Instagram what your favorite laundry tips & tricks are!