Life's a Party, Dress Like It!

We're so excited for our friends over at Lilly Pulitzer and the launch of their new collaboration: Lilly Pulitzer for Target.  The collaboration will be releasing its affordable limited-time collection on April 19, both in stores and online.

As Lilly always said, "Life's a Party, Dress like it!" 

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Although... maybe the stains are part of the history! After all, her company, Lilly Pulitzer, which launched in 1959, was borne out of clumsiness, as legend has it. Because her husband owned citrus groves, she set up a juice stand in an effort to stay busy, but kept accidentally staining her dresses with orange and grapefruit juice.

Wearing stained clothing would not do, so Pulitzer sought out a dress that would provide camouflage. And ta da! The iconic prints were born.

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