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Life Hacks: 15 Ways to Use Dropps 4-in-1 Booster Pacs

1. Keep your kids uniforms clean and stain free by scrubbing the bad stain with Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs, using an old toothbrush or other small tool. Set the booster pac on top of the stain, pour water over and let sit for
20 minutes minutes. Wash as normal. 

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2. Many pieces of small clothing can be ruined due to that nasty thing called baby poop! Soak your baby clothes in a bucket of warm water with Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs and make those icky stains disappear.

3. Wet the Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs and get your scrub brush; booster pacs can be used as tile floor grout cleaner too. Your floors will look brand new again!

4. Use Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs to remove pet urine stains and odor from your clothes and carpet. It works for both cat and dog urine stains! 

5. Mixing a few Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs with a gallon of water is the perfect remedy to wash your wood deck before staining it.

6. Remove old grease stains from tablecloths by adding a few drops of water to Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs and letting it sit for a while. 

7. Using Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs will make those hard to remove labels float right off! Toss a pac in a tub, bucket or sink and let your bottles sit for several minutes. 
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8. Mix Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs with warm water in a spray bottle and shake, to create a remedy that can remove those hard grease stains from your outdoor grill. 
9. Clean algae off your brick pathway using Dropps 4-in-1 pacs dissolved in warm water and a scrub brush.

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10. Easily remove sharpie or marker from your child’s favorite vinyl doll using Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs dissolved in warm water.

11. Clean the grim and fingerprints on your doors using a washcloth and Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs dissolved in warm water.

12. Use the same remedy as above to remove stains from your light switch covers too!

13. By using Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs, vinegar, and water, you can clean ANY stain out of your carpet!

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14. Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs are great for DIY up cycling of used furniture. Mix with water & scrub to make any stains or dark spots disappear.
15. Use Dropps 4-in-1 booster pacs to remove stains out of your old china pieces. Fill a tub or sink with water, add in a pac, and let the dishes sit in the tub. The 4-in-1 booster pacs pack a powerful, stain fighting punch! 

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