Buried Under Pet Hair?

We love our love pets and consider them members of our family. But there is a downside - pet hair EVERYWHERE! It clings to carpet and fabric and is nearly impossible to eradicate. If you vacuum it flies up and lands on something else. We can't even count the number of times we're dressed for work, and realize as we're walking out the door that we're covered in lingering hairs. And now that it's shedding season, it's the worst time of year for dealing with pet hair. 

But there's hope!

  1. Two words: Lint Rollers. They should give you a box of these when you welcome a new pet into your home. We recommend buying in bulk so you're never stuck trying to make a DIY lint roller with whatever tape you have lying around. 

  2. A vacuum made specifically for pet hair. Dyson makes a fantastic Animal Vacuum, but for a more budget friendly alternative we like the Bissel Pet Hair Eraser. It's affordable and packs a powerful punch when it comes to picking up pet hair from couches and carpets. 

  3. Pet lifter sponge. We were clued into these sponges and we're amazed. They really work! It instantly removes all the fuzz and hair from upholstery, clothing, auto interiors and carpets with a simple wipe. It can be used over and over.

  4. Regular brushing. This seems like a no-brainer, but it's hard to keep up with. Honestly, it makes a difference. With a daily brushing (or even just two days a week) it dramatically cuts down on the amount of fur tumbleweeds in your home and on your clothing. Deshedding tools like the Furminator have a cult following, and safely, efficiently and comfortably remove a pet's loose undercoat.

Do you have other tried and true tips that work for you? Let us know on our Facebook page!