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Life hacks are simple, low-budget tips that can make everyday life just a little easier. If you search for them on Pinterest, hundreds of crafty and creative pieces of easy advice will come up. Life hacks are often DIY (do it yourself), quick fixes that teach you something that you simply didn’t know before.  

Check out our small collection of 20 creative hacks that will have you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that before?”


Via Kids Activities Blog

1. Put a silicone cupcake liner in your car drink holders for easy cleaning. 

 Via Real Simple

Via glamumous

2. WD40 can be used to remove crayon marks from any surface!


Via Martha Stewart

3. Hang a bundle of chalk in the closet to keep everything fresh and dry. The chalk absorbs excess moisture- a thrifty alternative to an electric dehumidifier!


Via glamumous

4. Use scrap paper to help hang an arrangement of picture frames easily. Cut templates for each frame, marking nail locations on the paper, than tape them to the wall until you find the ideal arrangement.

Via Inspiration for Moms

5. To sharpen scissors, simply cut through sandpaper.


Via Remove and Replace

6. Cover paint trays with aluminum foil to make cleaning up afterwards a breeze.


Via Lifehacker

7. Place a layer of waxed paper on top of kitchen cupboards to prevent grease and dust from settling. Switch out every few months to keep them clean.


Via glamumous

8. Create a thrifty organizer for wrapping paper using cup hooks and painted towel rods.

Via Apartment Therapy

9. Use bread tags to label power cords.


Via Martha Stewart

10. Make a simple laundry bag using an old pillowcase and an embroidery hoop.


Via glamumous

11. Use a toothpick to prevent tape ends from sticking back to the roll.


Via glamumous

12. Tape a laundry bag to the inside of your tumble dryer door for easy drying of sport shoes.

Via Apartment Therapy 

13. Deodorize sponges in the microwave. Soak in water spiked with white vinegar or lemon juice and put on full power for one minute. Use tongs to remove as it will be hot!


Via Lifehacker

14. Slot the stick of an ice-pop through a cupcake wrapper to prevent drips on your clothing.



15. “File” your clothes vertically in drawers so you can vertically see your clothes at glance and save some extra space!


Via Useful Tips for Home

16. Use a paper plate to prevent splatters when using an electric whisk.

Via Distractify

17. Add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the water when hard-boiling eggs to make the shells incredibly easy to peel off.


Via Lifehacker

18. Put a dry towel in with a wet load to reduce the drying time!

Via Real Simple

19. Use non-stick cooking spray in candleholders to prevent wax from sticking to the sides.


Via Buzzfeed

20. Use rubber bands to help open a jar easily: place one around the jar lid and another around the middle of the glass. The rubber provides friction to prevent your hands from slipping.

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