10 Laundry Room Finds Under $10

Most of us don't get to do laundry in those sleek magazine-worthy laundry rooms that we see on Pinterest. More often than not our laundry area is in a dingy basement or behind closet doors. Check out these budget-friendly upgrades to perk up your laundry space! 

1. Cotton Laundry Bag - $9.99 - Great for lugging clothes down to the basement or for sorting colors. And, these bags fit in most traditional hampers - just grab and go! 

2. 4-Section Micro Mesh Wash Bag - $3.99 - These mesh bags make washing delicates and intimates a breeze. 

3. Folding indoor/outdoor drying rack - $8.99 - A folding drying rack can easily slide between your washer and dryer, and is the perfect solution for line drying denim and other non-dryer friendly clothes. 

4. Hanging Dryer with Clothes Clips - $4.99 - The ultimate space saver. Hang this on a shower rod to let clothes dry without making a mess on the floor. 

5. Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Clothesline - $9.99 - This retractable clothesline reels up when not in use. 

6. Laundry Market - $1.99  - Label your clothing, accessories, and other articles made of light or white fabrics. An indispensable tool for getting ready for daycare, school, camp, or gym classes.

7. Stacking Laundry Basket - $9.99  It holds a full load of clothes and its ergonomic design makes it easy to carry. Multiples can be stacked so that each family member has their own or to make sorting easy. Once laundry is done, sort it back into individual baskets and stack them up for each family member to carry away.

8. Water Hyacinth Bin - $8.99 These baskets are the perfect solution for organizing your laundry products high on a shelf out of reach of children and pets. Plus, they look great! 

9. Iron & Ironing Board Holder - $7.30 Mount this holder on any door and wall to keep your ironing board and iron up out of the way when not in use. 

10. Laundry Rules Sign - $3.00 This printable sign is an easy way to add art to your laundry area!