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Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means cards, flowers and chocolate. And let’s not forget about silk, satin and lace, after all the lingerie business is booming this time of year, contributing to what reports as an $18.6 billion holiday in 2013.

The Color of Love

When choosing lingerie, either for you or as a gift, color is always an important factor. This infographic indicates what your lingerie color choice says about you. It looks like you’re a hopeless romantic if you choose blue, practical if you choose black, and passionate if red is your color.

This blogger did her own research on color preference and found that jewel tones were hands-down favored by both men and women. The deepness of these hues is flattering for any skin tone and colors like purple, magenta and teal are regarded as sexy and alluring. Black is also popular choice since it’s both classic and classy.

Special Care

Lingerie in any color is a fun way to put a little spice into your Valentine’s Day. But remember that these delicates require special care. Here are some tips:

-Always check the label for special instructions
-Most lingerie can be washed by hand
-If you prefer to use your washing machine, set it on a gentle cycle and put your delicates in a closeable mesh bag to keep them from getting tangled with other items.
-Use a detergent that is gentle on fine fabrics. A small amount goes a long way. Our Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent is the perfect choice--use a small loads pod for handwashing, or a full size pod for the machine!
-Let them sit in warm or cold water for a few minutes
-Use a towel to get rid of excess moisture 


    Check out our in-depth guide to washing lingerie here!