At Home Dry Cleaning Tips + Tricks

The feeling of freshly dry-cleaned clothes is a wonderful one, but we all know the struggle of realizing your favorite blouse is dirty right before an important event. Plus, those bills tend to pile up time after time, so resorting to washing those special items at home happens every now and then.


It’s important to care for your clothes according to the fabric care labels as often as possible to increase the longevity, but in a pinch, we have some helpful tips to washing your dry cleaning at home to leave your favorite garments looking brand new!


First and foremost, it’s crucial to note which fabrics should be hand washed and which can withstand the washing machine. Delicate and loose weave fabrics like silk, wool, and cashmere should always be washed by hand to avoid any stretching or pulling of the threads. Heavier fabrics like cotton, linen, and polyester are generally safe to machine wash—just make sure to use the gentlest cycle. For more fabric care instructions, head over to our Fabric Care Guide!


Next, be sure to use a gentle, dye- and enzyme-free detergent to clean those “dry clean only” fabrics without leaving behind any residues or dulling those beautiful bright colors. Enzymes in detergents are known for breaking down tough protein-based stains, but they can also damage the integrity of the fabric and ultimately make your clothes worse for wear. Cold water is also best for washing these items at home without fading or shrinking.


In addition, always avoid the dryer for any clothing labeled “dry clean only”. Heat can be dangerous for delicate fabrics, so air-drying these items will help keep them in tip-top shape. Ideally, you should lay the garments flat on a drying rack or over a clean, dry towel so they maintain their shape and avoid any unwanted creases.


We hope these tips help you conquer the art of successfully cleaning those special pieces quickly and safely, leaving your closet (and your wallet) happy.


Happy Washing!


Photo: The Every Girl