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Celebrate Earth Day the Right Way!

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day began in 1970, and has led the environmental health movement ever since. Today, as well as every other day of the year for that matter, we celebrate our beautiful planet and work a little bit harder to keep it that way! There are tons of things you can do (and even teach your kids to do!) to make a big difference in the environment, and we’ve listed just a few for you here. However you choose to celebrate the holiday, we hope you enjoy the opportunity to give back to the environment we live in and remember that every day should be Earth Day!


Go for a Hike

Photo: Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

Take a breath of fresh air and get to know your local parks a little better. Taking time to see nature’s beauty around us truly is eye-opening and helps us appreciate what we have just a little bit more.

Upcycle Craft

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Repurpose materials like plastic bottles or tin cans to save them from ending up in a landfill or polluting our lands and water. This adorable tin can luminary project is super easy to do and just in time for summer nights!

Do Your Research

Use this holiday as a learning opportunity for your loved ones, kids, or even just to brush up on your own eco-friendly knowledge! Do some research about your favorite environmental organizations or causes, and see how you can get involved!

Attend a Local Earth Day Event


Help make a difference by volunteering your time at an Earth Day event in your local area! The Earth Day Network sponsors events across the world each year to help get as many of us involved in working toward a more sustainable way of life and preserving our environment.

Plant a Tree

One of our favorite ways to care for the environment is also one of the easiest—simply planting a tree! There are so many benefits to planting more trees in our communities—not only do trees filter out toxins from the air we breathe, but they also absorb CO2, helping to combat climate change!



Happy Earth Day!