5 Wonderfully Worthy Environmental Organizations You Should Know About

Think Beyond Plastic

This innovative and growing organization is committed to raising awareness of pollution issues affecting our ecosystem, and especially eliminating plastic pollution. Think Beyond Plastic has launched many creative initiatives since its start in 2007, including an annual class for start-up companies to develop new materials and product designs to replace single-use, non-compostable packaging and reduce the plastic pollution in our environment.


Photo: The Inertia, Christophe Launay



One of our favorite water sanitation groups, Drop4Drop, works year-round to bring clean, safe water and emergency relief to communities in need. Not only does this provide a very basic need to millions of people, but investments in clean water for these communities boosts their economies, provides more time for education and work, and drastically decreases the number of diseases and deaths within the area.



This organization uses advanced conservation techniques to create a more sustainable and waste-free consumer goods market. GreenBlue works with manufacturers to cut waste throughout their entire value chains to develop eco-friendly, sustainable products. GreenBlue also provides in-depth workshops and reports such as The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging, Material IQ, and Design Guidelines for Sustainable Packages.


Photo: Aquarium of Pacific


5 Gyres

This animal-friendly group focuses on removing plastic from our planet’s oceans to protect the marine wildlife that is so often affected by pollution. 5 Gyres started an initiative against microbeads (polyethylene or polypropylene beads found in products like facewashes, toothpastes, and more that get washed down the drain and make their way into natural bodies of water), even co-sponsoring a national bill against them!


The Nature Conservancy

This is the world’s leading conservation organization that works tirelessly to protect ecologically important areas from destruction. Since its founding 65 years ago, The Nature Conservancy has saved over 119 million acres of land and thousands of rivers. In addition, this organization partners with businesses, governmental agencies, and non-profits around the world to bring about awareness and change.