Crafternoon: 8 DIY Springtime Sugar Scrubs

Spring is underway and those warm, sunny days are almost here! We’re definitely mentally ready for warmer weather but still working on physically preparing. What better way to get your body ready for spring and summer than by pampering yourself with some of these lovely DIY scrubs? Here are some of our favorite finds!


Note that while all of these recipes contain all-natural ingredients, we recommend testing them on a small area of skin first to ensure your skin likes them as much as your nose does!


Rose Hand + Body Scrub

The natural oils found in roses are wonderful moisturizers for the skin, and their anti-inflammatory properties are perfect for sensitive skin! This simple, three-ingredient recipe by Smart School House is ideal for repairing and soothing irritated, dry skin.


Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Bars

Traditional potted scrubs are luxurious, but can sometimes get a little messy; instead, cut out the mess with these homemade sugar scrub bars! Freebie Finding Mom has an awesome recipe that is customizable with just a few drops of your favorite essential oils (we love the bright, floral scent of lavender and lemon!).


Pineapple Scrub

This delicious pineapple scrub by Wandeleur is almost good enough to eat! Fruits like pineapples are filled with Vitamin C and anti-inflammatories, which act as natural acne-fighting and skin-firming substances. If you suffer from acne, this is a great option to try!


Grapefruit Scrub

Grapefruit season is at its peak, so take advantage of this delicious fruit in every way you can! Something about the scent of grapefruit just wakes you up and leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the day. This body scrub recipe by Crafting{E} is easy to make and perfect for giving your skin that much-needed energy boost!


Energizing Lemongrass + Ginger Scrub

Another great energizing scent is the combination of lemongrass and ginger. Lemongrass actually stimulates circulation and joint function so this recipe from Garden Therapy is perfect for anyone struggling with tight joints or arthritis.


Sage + Blackberry Scrub

We cannot get enough of this delicious blackberry and sage scrub! This sweet and savory combination smells so decadent and is unbelievably easy to make, especially with blackberry season starting soon. Check out the recipe on Suburbia Unwrapped to make your own version!


Raspberry Lip Scrub

After a cold winter, your skin isn’t the only thing in need of some TLC—lip scrubs are perfect to exfoliate and heal sore, chapped lips! This raspberry scrub by Turning the Clock Back is bright, fresh, and will leave your lips soft, supple, and ready for spring!


Creamsicle Lip Scrub


We know summer isn’t quite here yet, but hey, we can dream, right? Our Holly Days has a vanilla and orange lip scrub that makes us feel like we’re on the beach, creamsicle in hand. This delicious combination is naturally moisturizing to leave your lips feeling their absolute best!