10 Essential Cleaning Tools Every Home Should Have

Commercials may have you believing that every new cleaning product is a “must-have” addition to your housework routine, but the pro cleaners know better and rely on the same, reliable tools over time. Here is a list of the ten essential items to keep on hand for even your toughest jobs.

  1. Sponges

A good sponge is the essential cleaning staple. Look for one that has a scrubby and a soft side, holds up well in the wash, and absorbs easily.

  1. Gloves

While it’s best to use cleaning products that are naturally-made and not harsh on your skin, the simple act of scrubbing can wreak havoc on your skin. The right cleaning glove will protect your hands from hot water, splinters, loose grout and more.

  1. Microfiber Cloths

These multi-purpose towels are amazing for any cleaning job – wet or dry. They won’t scratch surfaces and are great at picking up lint, hair, and dust.

  1. Squeegee

Reduce mold growth and hard water deposits in your shower and bath by keeping a squeegee on hand for between sessions. Squeegees are also great for large windows, and when you need to clean up liquid messes in a hurry.

  1. Broom and Dustpan

Don’t skimp on this combo. Invest in the best with synthetic bristles that you can trim down when they get fuzzy. Make sure your dustpan has a quality, rubber edge to get even the tiniest particles up off the ground.

  1. Vacuum

You don’t necessarily need the high-end European models or the robotic helpers to get a good return, but avoid cheapo vacuums that might only last a year or so. Look for one with brushless mode so that you can use it on your hard floors, as well. Handheld attachments are a must!

  1. Scrub Brush

Look for something that’s large enough to do full baths easily but with a precision edge that can get into all the nooks and crannies of your floors, too.

  1. Mop and Bucket

These usually come bundled in one, affordable kit. By purchasing them together, you ensure that your mop will fit nicely inside the bucket, and the bucket will be sturdy enough for even your mop-free cleaning chores.

  1. Spray Bottles

Making your own cleaning solutions is ideal, but even if you go commercial, you can save money and storage space by buying concentrated products that you dilute into your own bottles. Get up to five for every kind of spray you might require.

  1. Odor Defense Spray

What if, despite your best efforts, things in your home stink? Life happens, and with a non-toxic, odor neutralizing spray made from natural essential oils, you can deal with wet dog, dirty sneakers, and that overflowing pile of laundry until you can get around to it.