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Spring is upon us, and that means one thing; there’s no time like the present to start fresh and rid your home of the accumulated excess from the winter months.  In the age of Marie Kondo, we’re sharing 10 eco and budget friendly ways to honor the things in your home that “spark joy” and ditch the dust that might be dimming them!

1. Dusting

Spring is a hellish season for those with allergies, and open windows can lead to sinus crippling dust tornados!  Forget the wipes in plastic containers and the paper towels that go right in the trash, and clean up the dust with a cost efficient and reusable towel like the ones from SKOY!

2. Windows

Let the sun shine in!  Ditch the single-use plastic bottles your typical cleaners come in and keep your windows clean and streak free by wiping them down with a 50/50 distilled vinegar and water solution.

3. Carpet and Fabric Care

Carpets are can hold years of dander and dust and cause respiratory issues if not cleaned properly, and stains are just plain unsightly.  Bring area rugs outside and beat the devil out of them before giving them a steam clean or thorough vacuuming. For spot treatments on upholstery and rugs, dissolve a Dropps Oxi Booster Pod into a half gallon of cold water and blot until the stain is lifted!

4. Out With the Old

Perhaps the most liberating aspect of spring cleaning is getting rid of the old clothes and accessories that are so last year.  Microfibers from thrown away clothing can be more environmentally harmful than you might think.  Help the planet and those in need by donating them to charitable organizations like Dress For Success.  And don’t forget to wash your clothes from storage with your favorite eco-friendly detergent!

5.  Detailing

We all have that “observant” friend that notices the little things.  Keep them impressed by getting the little nooks in your molding and baseboards for a deep clean that you and your house deserve.  

6.  Ceiling Fan Cleaning

April showers bring May flowers, but not when they’re coming from your ceiling fan!  Keep the dust bunnies from raining down with a reusable duster, and keep it animal-friendly by steering clear of feathers!

7.  Air Filtration

Clean the air and improve your breathing with an air purifier, or keep it natural and less pricey by bringing the garden indoors.  Services like The Sill will deliver plants right to your door to keep things fresh and filtered, naturally!

8. Clean YOU

What’s a clean home if a dirty you is still spreading the dust?  Spring cleaning is for the body too! Scrub off dryness from the cold months and let the sun kiss a new you with products like the vegan and non-animal tested LUSH Body Scrub.  

9. Get Moving

There’s no surprise like what you’ll find under your furniture after a season of hibernation.  Be thorough and move your furniture and fixtures to get the dirt that’s hiding. You may even wind up a few pennies richer!

10.  Walls

Often forgotten, the dirt that accumulates on your walls is just as important to clean as anywhere else in your home!  Wipe them down with a reusable rag, and avoid squares of different colored wall by getting behind any hanging art or decor.


[Photo: Choreograph/iStock/Getty Images]

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