EXTRA, EXTRA! Forbes Gets the Inside Scoop on Dropps


Leading international business publication, Forbes Magazine, recently sat down with founder and CEO of Dropps, Jonathan Propper, to learn more about our brand’s history and our purpose-driven mission. 

Leading international business publication, Forbes Magazine, recently sat down with founder and CEO of Dropps, Jonathan Propper, to learn more about our brand’s history and our purpose-driven mission. 

How Dropps Is Remaking Cleaning For Good By ‘Eliminating The Stupid’—And Saving The Planet From Plastic”

While we enjoy patting ourselves on the back from time to time and being in the spotlight, especially in a such prestigious media publication like Forbes, the real thrill came in connecting with thought-leader, Afdhel Aziz, who is known for his editorial work highlighting purpose-driven brands and companies.

We had the pleasure of connecting with Afdhel via our ongoing partnership with Oceana, and a collaborative chat we hosted with the world’s largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation in regards to plastic pollution brought on by global corporate conglomerates. 

While not able to attend the interactive chat, Afdhel was quite eager to learn how Dropps has been able to scale at a successful level while still maintaining its autonomy and eco-friendly identity.

Dropps is a quirky and idiosyncratic brand I’ve long been fascinated by, for its pioneering work around sustainability and packaging,” said Afdhel Aziz after speaking with Jonathan Propper of Dropps. 

Afdhel Aziz

During the interview, Afdhel and Jonathan spoke about new innovations coming from Dropps including our new brand refresh and packaging design, as well as our “eliminate the stupid, elevate the core” mantra and how we use that as a guiding light to challenge big laundry.

“To truly elevate the core from a product point of view, we knew we had to eliminate the stupid, and in this case, it was the labels in our packaging. While our previous boxes were recyclable and compostable, we wanted to craft an elevated experience with this new version of our now iconic box,” said Jonathan Propper in the Forbes article. “By removing product-specific labels, and printing all brand and product details, including full ingredient transparency, directly on the box, we now provide our customers with an even more low-waste cleaning option,” continued Propper.

Jonathan Propper

In addition to profiling Dropps, Afdhel also profiled Ernesto Schmitt and Elio Leoni Sceti, co-founders of The Craftory, our external investment partners.

Elio Leoni Sceti

Ernesto Schmitt

These two editorial pieces accurately communicate both of our visions for a more equitable and sustainable future for consumers and business alike, and we can’t thank Afdhel and the editorial staff at Forbes enough for their kind words and support. 

You can read both of the articles in their entirety HERE and HERE!