Power Dish Spray

How to fill:


Fill with water

We recommend using room temperature water to fill up to the indicated line.

Add concentrate

Gently pour in liquid concentrate using the included funnel until it reaches the “concentrate fill line.”

Shake gently

Agitation helps incorporate the active ingredients. Now you're ready to spray!

Note: Funnel should be held to prevent product overflow due to suction seal


General use:


Spray your dishes

Set your nozzle to "spray" then apply an even coat on your dishes.

Wait & wipe

Wait a few seconds and wipe off the soap with a damp dish cloth or sponge.

Rinse them clean

Rinse your dishes clean for a sparkling, oil-free finish.

For best results, scrape off any loose food or scraps. Use the "spray" function as the default setting. This allows for a wider, more even coat of sustainable formula which allows the micellar technology to bind to oil and grease for an easy wipe and rinse.

For hard-to-reach areas like blenders, water bottles, and carafes, switch to the “stream” setting for a targeted spray.

Frequently Asked Questions