Dryer Balls

Add your wet laundry to the dryer.
Toss in a dryer ball.
Choose your dry cycle.

Our dryer balls will take care of the rest. We promise. (That’s why we have a risk-free trial.)

For best results: do not over-dry (the dry time will be shorter). Add more than one ball for heavy items like towels or large-capacity dryers for an even faster dry (the dryer ball color won’t transfer).

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The wool dryer balls do not shed, and are meant to be used on dark, light, and colored loads.
Science fact: you might be over-drying. Wool dryer balls will reduce drying time. If your dryer does not have an auto-shutoff sensor, try setting your dry cycle slightly shorter, or check your load for dryness earlier than you normally do.
Yep, toss them in with your laundry regardless of how wet it is. If your laundry comes out of the spin cycle very dry, keep an eye on your dry time since it will be shorter with the dryer balls.
No, the color of the wool dryer balls will not transfer. If you have garments that bleed (like dark denim or red shirts) and are concerned about the fabric dyes transferring between loads, you can color-coordinate the balls with your loads: use a darker color dryer ball for darker loads, and reserve a lighter color dryer ball for your white sheets and towels.
Yes, follow the normal drying instructions for your garments, and place delicates in mesh laundry bags to prevent tangling.
Yes, follow the normal drying instructions for your garments.
Absolutely not! We are very careful to source our wool from New Zealand, which is the country with the strictest laws regarding the health and welfare of the animals (and where the cruel practice of mulesing is prohibited). Australia and other countries do not have these laws, so it’s important to always choose New Zealand wool.
No. The wool dryer balls do not shed, and are meant to be used on dark, light, and colored loads.
You’ll know it’s time to replace your dryer balls when the felt starts to loosen up, and they begin to unravel. Our dryer balls last over 10,000 loads, so they should outlive your dryer.
Wool has a very high ignition temperature around 570-600° C (much higher than many synthetic materials), so our balls are safe to use in your dryer.
PVC and tennis balls contain synthetic materials that are stable at low temperatures, but can release harmful chemicals when they’re heated in the dryer. Tennis balls are treated with colorants, and can transfer dye to your garments.
Yes! They’re all natural, so no need to worry if your dog steals them from the dryer. Added bonus for pet parents: wool dryer balls may help capture pet hair off furry garments.
Our balls are extra-large, so we recommend using one per load. You can use more if you have a large capacity dryer or heavy items like towels. The dryer ball color won’t transfer onto your fabric, so color-coordination is not required.