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Active Wash

1 pod = 1 load
First, toss pod into the washer drum.
Then, add your laundry
Next, choose your wash cycle.

Now, take a load off. Our powerful little pod will take care of the rest. We promise. (That’s why we have a risk-free trial.)

For best results: use dry hands, and don’t overfill your machine. You got this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Dropps laundry detergent pods do not contain optical brighteners making them suitable for military/ACU uniforms. Always check the garment fabric care labels prior to washing.
Yes, Dropps laundry detergent pods are designed to be used with our full laundry product line including our fabric softener pods and our chlorine-free bleach alternative oxi booster pods.
As with any household cleaning product, store your laundry detergent in a secure location, away from small children and pets. Keep detergent in its original container with the label intact.
If dissolution issues are noticed (such as the pod membrane does not dissolve or residue is observed on washing machine gasket/clothing/dishes) use the Cold Water Washing Pouch and a large load machine setting. If pod membrane residue on fabrics is observed, soak in hot water until the membrane is flexible and able to be moved with a finger. Remove as much as possible physically, and then rewash in warm water only (without detergent) to remove any residue.
Pods that are stuck together should never be pulled apart or cut open. Please contact customer support within 30 days for a replacement.
No, Dropps are free of artificial colorants and dyes, and are designed for use in all water temperatures. They rinse fully and will not stain your clothes.
Two (2) years.
Yes, Dropps are designed to work in both hard and soft water systems.